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  • Season 9 with possibility to migrate on Season 10 as soon as possible!

  • Added All 380 Weapons and Sets, Fixed sphere lvl 4 and 5, Remade Pentragram Errtel and much more.

  • We have prepared a new server update. You can see all details by reading the full article.

  • We have picked up the numbers using youtube livestream. Congratulations to Eraser and Kind3r who managed to guess three out of four numbers

  • Last days we have worked on website and marketing materials. New players are expected next days, vote system changes, more webshop items and other website improvements.

  • We have solved various bugs, server configurations and more additions. Webshop it's ready for launch tomorrow. More details on full news.

  • We have prepaired a more complex server update this time. New spots added, bugs solved and skills modified. Check full news for a complete overview.

  • We are proud to announce that today we have opened the lottery. Check all details in your account.

  • A small server update with some rates increase and bug fixes.

  • As everyone knows, for last days we had website downtime. We have solved the issue last night by changing the hosting.

  • We're coming with a new server update and this time we've included the popular cherry blossom event.

  • We had made new changes to server. View full article to read what's new.

  • We have listen to many player suggestions and made some changes but also we've solved various bugs and made improvements.

  • By tomorrow, 07.03.2016, the Castle Siege event Registration Period will be active. Check the full article to view all periods and details.

  • A new server update will be made by tomorrow (05.03.2016) around 10:00 (+2 GMT). The server will not be available few minutes during that time. Read More to view the full changelog

  • After many days of testing and developing the website and server, we are finally live.

  • There's very little things and corrections to be done and we're ready for the grand opening. We hope that we'll provide a good and stable server, that will be suitable for all of you.

  • Day by day we are making progresses with the website and server configurations. We hope that in about 10 days everything it's ready for public view

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