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European March Lottery Started!

European March Lottery Started!

For the March Lottery we have the following details:

If the cumulative earnings from tickets doesn't reach 2000 gold coins, the minimum prize will be 2000 gold coins.

The winnings will be split this way:
70% - All four numbers guess (splited if more winners)
30% - Three numbers guess (splitted if more winners)

* If nobody guess three numbers, the split will be 100% for all four number winners.
* If nobody guess four numbers, the split will be 50% for all three numbers winners, the other 50% will be reported.
* If no winners, the prize (earned from bought tickets) will report to next gold coin lottery.

The lottery winning numbers will be picked using website on 1st April using a youtube live streaming. This way you can be sure it's a fair lottery.

For any issues and questions, contact us at [email protected]