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10 Minutes Tour MU Online Guide

Welcome to 10 minutes tour. This is a short guide of what our server has to offer, how events are coded and what you should really take into consideration. The guide will be updated from time to time, so keep an eye on it.


Event prizes: 

Event Name What to expect
Devil Square Gold coins
Blood Castle Gold coins + chanse of: Jwls, Loch's Feather
Chaos Castle One stack of Jwls
Cherry Blossom Ancient Items
Crywolf Chanse of fenrir items, Big Boss and Dark Elf exc 380 items + gold coins
Double Goer Silver Chest - Exc 380 Items  
Gold Chest - Jewels, Talisman of Chaos, Talisman of luck, errtel, keys
Egg invasion  Eggs - you make pets
Golden Dragon Invasion Boks of Kundum +1,+2,+3,+4,+5 (exc items)
Imperial Fortress Ancient from 7 day BOSS, Exc Items and Jwls
Kalima 380 Exc Items and Ancient
Kanturu Maya Hand - Season 2 items
Boss - Exc Items + Gold Coins
Loren Deep Erohim - Season 2 items, Ancient items, Jwls
Medusa Socket Items + Ancient
Rabbit Invasion Jewels
White Wizard Invasion Jewels
Raklion Selupan - Exc Items or Socket Items + Gold Coins
Illusion Temple Jwls, new rings, chanse to upgrade Fenrir
Haloween Event soon

More informations and video tutorials about every event you'll find by going in the top event's menu at specific event you want.


Make Party!

Party makes XP much bigger. The more you are, the more you get. A perfect party also will bring a perfect XP boost.

By pressing N while in game, you can create your own party group or join another. This will help you to join and bring players to your party without doing anything. The system will make all automatically.



Reset character can be made on the website on your account, by clicking on the desired character and after that "Reset" button. The reset costs 50.000.000 ZEN 


Master Reset

Master Resetting your character can be made on the website on your account, by clicking on the desired character and after that "Master Reset" button. The master reset costs ZEN and you need to have 80 Resets + 400 LVL. When you master reset you receive 2000 gold coins and loose all your stats excluding Master Level points.