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We are preparing new improvements!

We are preparing new improvements!

Last days we have worked on website and marketing materials. New players are expected next days, vote system changes, more webshop items and other website improvements. This are few of things we've done since last update and will be ready gradually.

By tomorrow, web shop will have few weapons for all classes and we've already started working on set items.

In first stage of developement it's also Market Place, where all players will sell in a very professional way items, directly on the website. We can't yet estimate how long it will take as it's a very fragile thing to do and we don't want any exploits in this.

As a last thing, we are almost done with a dedicated website section for guild listing. The game masters of every guild will have ability to upload a cover picture and guild details. 

Talking long term, we're hoping that in 3-4 months from now, we'll have one of the best & secure website on the market. 

Happy playing!