Bugged Mix Rates (400 Socket/Higher Refine Stone)

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Ok, so there are two very possible bugs with the success rates to report.

First one - Higher Refining Stone (50% rate). I have made like 20 stones, and haven't had a single fail (20/20 succeeded). The chance of this happening with 50% success rate is less than 0,01% so i think this is a bug.

Second one - 400 Lvl socket weapons mix (the ones where you buy materials from X shop with Goblin Points, mix requires materials + 3 socket items +7 +4, success rate is 40%). I have personally made 5 attemps (granted, first was with 33% rate, not 40%), and haven't had a single success. francky also told me he tried twice, both failed aswell. So to have 0 out of 7 succeed with 40% rate, the chance is like 2-3% so this is also most probably a bug (but can still use a couple of tests by admins to confirm, don't feel like wasting more jewels/items on it).

If people have managed to have a Higher Refining Stone fail or a 400 Lvl socket weapon succeed, please post here so we can dismiss the bugs.

EDIT: Just made another 400 Lvl socket mix at 40% - again failed. I think this bug will 99% be confirmed too.
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I agree on 400 level item bug. Please check the config on this mix.
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Solved 400 LVL weapon mix, it's 40% success rate now. For Higher Refining Stone it's 100% success rate, so it's ok.

Thanks for your reports again!