Problem starting game

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Hello. I left my DL playing for around two ours. When i came back to the computer, there was no Mu windows at all and a error message displayed.

Now, everytime i try to start the game, the mu hack protection system shows up but the game window does not launch, instead, i keep getting this error:


Things that i tried:
Launcher Fix tool
Reinstall the game
Reset windows10 installation

The txt displays the following:

[SUCCESS] Address: 0E53D09F
[SUCCESS] Address: 0E53D09F
[SUCCESS] Address: 0E53D529
[SUCCESS] Address: 0E53D529
[SUCCESS] Address: 0E03AD6E
[SUCCESS] Address: 0E3563E1
[SUCCESS] Address: 76CF3744
[SUCCESS] Address: 7723A02F
[SUCCESS] Address: 7725D7B0

Any help?

Do i have to format my computer to play mu again? xD
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Try updating your video card drivers. This resolution solved the issue for 3 other guys.
I`ll wait your reply here. :)

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It worked!! Thank you :)
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Glad to help you. Topic Closed.